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    Crescent Cotton (Est. in 2014,) evolved from a hobby that began back in 2001. Melody Jordan was 19 at the time and a student at Charleston Southern University. Shortly after the attacks on 9-11, she was inspired to draw a design that depicted all the different feelings and events surrounding that day.  Many were touched by the design and someone mentioned it should go on a t-shirt.  One morning after class, she stopped by the local screen printer less than a mile from her school with the design in hand.

    "I walked in skeptical because I had no experience in the t-shirt printing business and wasn't even sure it was possible to transfer such a detailed drawing to an actual t-shirt."

    To her surprise, the print shop had 2 dozen shirts printed with in a week.  "I picked them up and thought, now what??"  It didn't take long for her friends and family to realize she was on to something.  There was just one problem, Melody didn't feel comfortable making money off of tragedy.  She sold enough just to get her money back  and gave the rest to close friends and family.  However, people wanted more.

    So Melody set out to create designs that didn't involve tragedy, where she would feel comfortable being profitable.  She began drawing designs that centered around her home state of SC and their flag, the palmetto tree.  The designs were expressions of things we loved and were known for in SC.    She would travel around the state to fairs and festivals selling her t-shirts as a way to make extra income while in college.

    The business grew year after year and in 2014, she decided it was time to extend the state borders.  She wanted a brand…one that had Carolina roots, but American wings.  A brand that could sell across the nation, yet maintain a small-town, southern appeal.   

    "The journey has been one of fear and excitement.  Melody, now a happily married mom of two has always tried to steer her business in the direction that she felt was best for her family.  Crescent Cotton is now an online only brand that strives to provide their customers with unique designs and good quality clothing.   

    Melody stated; "The decision to transition the company to an "online only brand," did not come over night.  It was over much prayer and consideration that the transition occurred. Bottom line is, we love to be connected directly with the consumer.  Our desire is to create an engaging experience, while building trust with the customer.  With that, we realize that trust is the key element.  The customer has to be confident that what they are ordering is good quality and that they will receive good customer service.

    We know without you the customer, we wouldn't be here.  So whether you've been with us for over a decade, or you're a new customer, we'd like to say thanks for joining our family!  And remember.... Be Comfy!  Feel Classy!